In plain, it seems extra burden of money to hire a real estate agent to sell your home where you could save money just by skipping them and selling your property yourself. However, a seller may save a commission by selling a house themselves, but trying to sell a house without an agent may actually cost them more money than the commission they saved.

One could claim he/she saved thousands by selling their home themselves and even sold it in one day! There is a reason they sold it in one day, they left a lot of money on the table! We should not forget the fact that a great real estate agent could have made the owner more money by pricing the property right and working for the seller’s best interest. While real estate agent’s commissions may seem high to some, it is important to know they are negotiable. Real estate agents are able to charge so much, because they provide a great value to homeowners, and usually get them much more money than they could on their own.

Real estate agents are experts in marketing, educated in the sales process and know how to value a home. They are not paid just for the time they spend selling your house. They are, in fact, paid for all their training and experience in marketing homes, making hard things such as selling home look like so easy and getting the most money possible for a seller.